Sweden has always been a guarantee for the export of epic Pop melodies and famous rock-bands. However, this rarely combined in one band. Blowsight have internalized the essence of both worlds and united them to a potential hit unit.

The explosive mixture of infectious energy and musical maturity is sure to blow off the roof of every stage the band set foot on. The genre-battlefields of the various fan camps worldwide are the play- ground on which the quartet merges all the supposed contradictions into one piece, with their own natural serenity.

With no fear and always with a tongue-in-cheek attitude the band maneuvers through all facets and colors of modern rock music. Even in reflective moments they maintain a touch of lightness. Despite all diversity, Blowsight always put the fun in music first and they never stop short at playfully crazy ideas to show it off - illustrated by their Lady Gaga cover “Poker Face”. Heavy drums and tight riffing are giving the song a complete fresh coat of paint. Over half a million views on Youtube are speaking for themselves.

Back in 2007 the band was able to win a Swedish song competition with over 16.000 participating bands. This achievement has been paving the way to their first EP-release “I’ll be around” under the flag of Sony/BMG. The first edition was sold out in less than a month. Gigs and tours with major acts like Danzig and Life Of Agony followed.

In 2009 Blowsight released their debut album “Destination Terrorville”, which received many positive reactions from magazines and websites worldwide. German Metal Hammer crowned them as “Band of the month”, while Sweden Rock magazine especially emphasized their versatility, as they described the album as a tasteful “hard rock buffet”.

Right before their extensive European tour with Sonic Syndicate, Blowsight have released record number two in fall 2010: “Dystopia Lane” captures the essence of Blowsight. The new EP „Shed Evil“ was released just in time for Wacken in August 2011, followed by the band’s first European headlining tour in November.

Fresh, melodic and powerful! This is rock, who’s beat is not only the heartbeat of zeitgeist, but mainly convinces listeners with sophisticated songwriting. This is music that works - on small or big stages.

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