Founded in 2007 the band, since it’s beginnings kicked up quite a fuss in the german underground with their melodic death metal, which continously incorporates elements of both classical heavy metal and hardcore.
Thus as early as 2008 Bloodwork were able to play two of the biggest metal festivals, the Wacken Open Air as well as the Summer Breeze Festival without having signed a record contract.
In the spring of 2009 Bloodwork make an astonishing appearance in the international metal scene with their debut-album „The Final End Principle“.
A remarkable 4th place in the monthly poll of german Metal Hammer, along with showcases at the Wacken Open Air and the renowned With Full Force Festival, and european tours with Hatesphere, Narziss and The Sorrow show that the band from Paderborn is able to deliver high quality music, both live and on CD.

The last means; a token since being used first in the Thirty Years’ War undividingly connected to the battlefield provides the title for Bloodwork’s second album.
Apart from the meaning of the title, which is the common theme for the lyrics of the album, dealing with the last means in all parts of the human condition, the band sees this fomula as an expression of passion and perseverance in music; virtues making survival in modern music possible in the first place.
From pounding neckbreakers as „Destination: Nowhere“ and gloomy „Apophis“, to solemn hymns as „All Things Unsaid“ and „The Eternity Syndrome“, Bloodwork pull out all the stops of modern metal.
As with their much-noticed first output „The Final End Principle“ Bloodwork rely on their own resources and produce the album in their own studio engineered by songwriter Nikko.
Ultima Ratio, 13 equally coherent as individual Songs, giving proof to the fact that the east-westphalian province doesn’t have to shun the comparison with the international metal-scene.

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