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  • FullmetalCloud

    Cloud is the second most known and popular video game swordsman, right behind Link...and DeathBattle had those two fight to the death...

    Dezember 2012
  • cloudgoron

    JENOVA. Beyond fucking awesome. Why don't more people recognize the videogame music genre?

    November 2012
  • tavvra

    isn't this the final boss fight for ff7? sounds good

    März 2011
  • asiazn


    März 2011
  • Tetrahedrus

    Excruciatingly awesome!

    Dezember 2010
  • sharkyanderson

    This is, I think, the song that got me into trance music...

    November 2010
  • xAncient

    very good trance and dance beats

    August 2010
  • BHDragn4207

    Very Nice!

    August 2010
  • LadyJadeDancer

    Great song! FF series is an awesome game along with the movies! Love it!

    Juli 2010
  • DeineScheibe

    cooler sound! :-) würden uns freuen was von euch zu hören, lg. CD Pressung für Bands&Musiker

    Juni 2010
  • dimjaguar


    Juni 2010
  • Rose021

    fuckin sweet song

    Dezember 2009
  • pessimismAside

    FF7 remix!!

    September 2009
  • Ch8ese

    Captures and develops on the trancey beat of the original, keeping the melodies intact. Awesome.

    August 2009
  • dreadsamurai


    August 2009
  • ChurchofCthulhu

    This amuses me

    Juli 2009
  • mainak_666

    gr8 remix dude.

    Mai 2009
  • Hollow12

    Sephy:You were supposed to win mother... Me:*opens closet door * There you are...Oh, having a moment huh? Sephy:Could you please go away? Me:Why? Sephy:'cause I wana be alone to cry! Me:*thinks about it* Nah,scoot over.I wana wach you cry, ITS FUNNY!!! Sephy:...fine. Ill find another closet... Me:*hugs sephiroth*I was kidding! Sephy:Meanie...

    März 2009
  • kheldarath

    Theres nothing else that can be said that hasn't already, This is awesome!

    Februar 2009
  • x1Ricky1x

    Wow =D

    Februar 2009
  • spike8605

    Everithing that is connectet to this game is pure gold... Loved the Game...Loved the Original Soundtraks.....LOVING the Remixes in particular this one! Very Nice Job

    Februar 2009
  • orbitha


    Februar 2009
  • gogohen

    This is efffing awesome !

    Februar 2009
  • Craiggers988

    My favorite game remix thus far. Well done! <3

    Januar 2009
  • Trav1026

    This is far and away one of my favorite electronica tracks ever. Anyone know what I should search for if I want more of it?

    Dezember 2008
  • sirtebian

    bLiNd is master mixer in my book with the FFVII works

    November 2008
  • Goha_

    I ilke it better than the original ^^;

    Oktober 2008
  • haeyoungsmu

    can't stop moving my body.

    Juli 2008
  • E-and

    WHEEE. > 3 < SO HAPPY!!

    Juni 2008
  • Excrono

    Solid remix, does the original track justice more than any other arrangement.

    Dezember 2007