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  • vashta1

    Love this song!

    Mittwoch Nachmittag
  • Don_Diego

    If is anything to go by, Billy never played Oslo. Therefore he must have made the story up. (I'll agree the song is not his finest hour, but the strings are killer.)

    Oktober 2014
  • Just_forme

    Not a fan of this song.

    September 2011
  • GigiNYC

    Does anyone happen to know what inspired the lyrics to this song?

    Februar 2010
  • bluepenguin

    This is the most Beatles-sounding song I've ever heard that wasn't actually by the Beatles.

    Mai 2009
  • Fasstili

    This is great! It reminds me so much of the Beatles- especially Yellow Submarine music

    Februar 2009
  • bwahhhhhhh

    this has the be the worst billy joel song ive ever heard

    Juli 2008