Learning to Listen (2:03)

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don't act up no, don't act up no, each time i'm learning to listen, but what did you want to hear, but what did you want to hear, self minded you deny you fear, how am i back here, {and when i look around i see we're all the same, yet different ways to express how we're feeling, your silence keeps you in line helps you push the blame but my intensity does not deserve any guilt or shame} back and forth i hear yes i do hear all your words but my question is are you listening, i won't let it get to me but who am i trying to kid, what's right is right who said you're wrong i did, how am i back here (repeat), the feeling dwells in deep, the feeling dwells in deep, the feeling dwells in, {chorus} now am i supposed to just let it go continue when i feel it's wrong, i'm standing i'm standing too straight for you, and if you sit back that's fine but why is my word so wrong to you, learning to listen

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