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  • Beast-Robot

    April 2015
  • hf1809

    good this track******

    Februar 2015
  • lzcool

    Bom som.

    Juni 2014
  • splatterdick

    this song is facts

    März 2014
  • agnessilvap

    We wake up with the sun in our eyes, it's no surprise that we get so much done.

    Februar 2014
  • ClintSteed

    How fun is this song?

    Oktober 2013
  • MattSaysYes

    We have fun, We have fun... In Florida too

    Oktober 2013
  • megansmall

    : ))!

    August 2013
  • angrytroll2

    throtling cats = lets all move to california

    Juni 2013
  • Rock_n_Robin

    Upbeat and fun...but not everyone can live in California.

    Mai 2013
  • ohh1972

    California and the Western States still are the most beautiful places in the US. Why would you want to live anywhere else? Except Europe, of course. ;)

    Mai 2013
  • smarty3000

    Reminds me of last summer <3

    Mai 2013
  • matheeus_Stos

    The Windows 8 song *-*

    April 2013
  • alexisjoy

    This song makes me feel warm :)

    April 2013
  • 2ndPrimadonna

    it sounds like a country song!

    April 2013
  • HimitsuUK


    März 2013
  • Kubotanay

    Why would you live anywhere else? s2

    Februar 2013
  • megwn

    im pretty sure this song is taking the piss?

    Februar 2013
  • matt1337c

    This is really bad...

    Februar 2013
  • wwaynesworld

    I wish they all could be California girls......

    Januar 2013
  • AnaGarcez

    I don't understand why some people HAVE to complain about the song here. Just don't listen. (And change the channel when you see the Windows ad.) :P

    Januar 2013
  • ErasedLittleMan

    Catchy song, some of the worst lyrics of all time.

    Dezember 2012
  • guccichanelfag

    take me to california

    November 2012
  • Randomname270

    Windows totally ruined this song for me

    November 2012
  • trashcity_


    November 2012
  • Andrei_Skobelev

    wery well :)

    Oktober 2012
  • hannah_1997

    makes me smile :-)

    September 2012
  • Adthey

    The song-answer to this Why You'd Want to Live Here?

    September 2012
  • ubuntnerdgrl

    Thank you, Beth<3

    September 2012
  • cello1995

    God some people are annoying douchebag pricks.... Best Coast all the way :)

    September 2012
  • promisedeyes

    Nice song and message, although I'm still happy to have moved from California to a place that has jobs and a competently run government

    September 2012
  • mochalex

    West Coast = Best Coast!!!

    August 2012
  • wilgeorgiann

    Love this, don't see how you can't!

    Juli 2012
  • unkindxoctopus

    Makes me smile, all the time

    Juni 2012
  • Pewizzle

    This sucks

    Juni 2012
  • cheesetrolley

    Oh boy, a song romanticizing California? How fun! That hasn't been done literally thousands of times over the last five decades by big and small names alike across all musical genres, and we're not tired of it, no siree. This song is the pinnacle of lyricism. Right here.

    Juni 2012
  • ColorfulPage

    I always listen to this song twice.

    Mai 2012
  • randyalbanesest


    Mai 2012
  • jessicnogueira

    Mai 2012
  • verevolwes

    not much like their last album ...

    Mai 2012
  • bloodytoni


    Mai 2012
  • EuSouNeguinha

    a good summer song. not bad.

    Mai 2012
  • gonzeaux

    lol'd at 'the indie rebecca black', I feel like p4k's incessant coverage is leading to the panning of the century on this record, like sub-6.5... oh well, a boy can dream

    April 2012
  • nomadicherder

    california dreamin'. . .

    April 2012
  • prime1128

    I like having fun.

    April 2012
  • luckeon

    new. album. now!!!

    April 2012
  • Sukisue

    Love, love, love!! ♥

    April 2012
  • lrathbon

    Haha, she said "we've got the wav(v)es", it's funny because like waves are something you see in the water in the warm weather but it's like also the name of her boyfriend, GREAT META JOKE BEST COAST.

    April 2012
  • MovieStar2000

    best coast summer mood + country influences + new album = super excitement <3

    März 2012
  • absolia

    cutie cute. cali cute.

    März 2012