nerdcore: 3. A Song About My Name

11. Nov. 2011 | von benjaminbear.net

On the track
Just in case you can't read
Or the place is packed
And I'm
A sexual astronaut
I don't give a fuck if you wear pants or not
I'll take you out of this world and I'll leave you high
All you really get is a chance to try
And it's a nerdcore album, right?
Mario, Mario, Sonic and Nights
Swag, Shine, Onomatopoeia
Don't eat that or you'll get diarrhea
Don't be fat or they won't wanna see ya
Living in a world where you driving a Kia
Driving into work on a Sunday
That's my funday
Sit like a plane on a runway
Side to side
I'm a literal electric slide

You know my name
Look up the number.

Came in late with the lag
Ditch it
Going to the lake with my Dad
Tell me where the fine ladies at?
Sandwich, Manwich
No I got standards
Hanging round my neck like I'm rocking a lanyard
Now I got a backstage pass
Tell these groupies that I don't want ass
Taking those classes
Dip in it molasses
Sitting in a pasture
Wishing I was faster
Last year
Everything is just like craft beer
Making fun of hipsters working as a cashier
So hip-hop
I don't need to flip-flop
Couldn't tell the time if you bought me a wristwatch
Yes, I know that it's basic
But face it
I just don't like bracelets.

You know my name
Look up the number.

Well I don't like Earth so much
Cuz everything's too damn dangerous
And I'm the kind of guy who's strange enough
To get blamed for the way that I make shit up
And I know that everybody worked hard
But it still sucked a whole lot of balls
And if you want my respect, you can write a check
And make sure that you don't retard
And I'm just a guy
Keeping that faith alive
I'm high
Oh my God
Look up at the stars
Thinking about space gets me so hard
Now that you know all about my name
You can get the fuck out my yard

You know my name
Look up the number.

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