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  • quiltedgerm

    Saw him in the rain in SLC...didn't matter...was a sickening show...dude is so talented...

    Juni 2012
  • placebobsh

    Saw this one live, one of the most inspiring songs ever

    Mai 2012
  • jbailz

    Great song, love it!!!!

    Februar 2011
  • Ana_Nimos

    Luv the beat in this one..Ohh ya!!!

    Januar 2011
  • oyveychris

    Always one of my favorites from Mr. Harper.

    Januar 2011
  • hanajoy

    Love this!

    September 2010
  • Jiggity27

    Definately one of my favorite songs!

    September 2010
  • BellumOm

    And with your Two feet, you can step towards Revolution. Step into Revolution by being an example. Knowledge is Power.

    April 2010
  • Ewpedrao

    ooooooooohhhhh I saw this show, IT WAS AWESOME! best show ever!

    April 2010
  • jah_shokoko

    JAH BLESS BEN....!!!!

    April 2010
  • rachelsass

    more than fine

    April 2010
  • zoetalysse

    awesome song.

    März 2010
  • Fasstili

    Good stuff!

    Oktober 2009
  • RickCarstens

    Living Legend

    Oktober 2009
  • yeahyouright

    great lyrics.......great song

    Oktober 2009
  • novajmomma

    ....&...they just might!!!

    Oktober 2009
  • novajmomma

    sure wish i could change the world....with my own....

    Oktober 2009
  • uddiyana

    just great!

    September 2009
  • TurkeyGiblets

    Ben - is that you son?

    September 2009
  • HavinAGoodTime

    great track

    August 2009
  • juanditoledo09

    Maravilloso, estupendo, redondo

    Juni 2009
  • LaAMK

    ;-) would like to touch this guy with my own two hands *lol*

    Mai 2009
  • MizzLo

    What a beautiful man!

    Mai 2009
  • Alineland

    I can comfort you with my own two hands, but you got to use use your own two hands

    April 2009
  • annita78

    Solo bueno!

    April 2009
  • luzcris


    Februar 2009
  • Gikiman

    Big Ben!!

    Februar 2009
  • treadlightly83

    the world is a vampire. hehe.

    Januar 2009
  • elladieoflove

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. More good music here:

    November 2008
  • Alineland

    I wrote this good note...with my own two hands ;-)

    November 2008
  • rachelsass

    yeah, he can and he DOES...this is where the universe's integrity went

    November 2008
  • Tehryan


    Juli 2008
  • jorge-molinero

    ein lied dass mein lebensgefühl wieder gibt gusta

    April 2008
  • moltocontento

    soul music ai vertici con lui come cody chesnutt grande

    März 2008
  • jojonana

    one of my faves!

    Februar 2008