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  • nick_honest

    great song

    Februar 2014
  • the-cause

    She's leaving home, bye bye...[2] First thing I thought when I heard this beautiful song.

    Mai 2012

    Wonderfully made.

    Februar 2012
  • djnonplus

    love the guest vocals from Mr. McCrae of Cake.

    September 2010
  • rights_reserved

    A similar song to me is 'Grapefruit Moon' by Tom Waits, in terms of the composition and songwriting.

    März 2010
  • _danton_

    Lyrical perfection, truly awe inspiring.

    Februar 2010
  • Zephism

    does ben folds realize just how fucking good a songwriter he is? seriously...

    Februar 2010
  • Benfolio

    John McCrea of Cake, y'all

    Oktober 2009
  • xplodRegenerate

    Ben Folds is such a good story teller. I can picture this perfectly and it makes me emotional every time I listen to it.

    September 2009
  • backpocketcomb

    Poor Fred.

    April 2009
  • muted_cat

    So beautiful <3

    April 2009
  • IOnLettingGoI

    This song just reminds me of a depressing poet/song writer, which sounds pretty damn obvious but still.....sitting in a cold basement wrapped in a blanket watchin those "project(ed) slides on a plain white canvas," ?

    Januar 2009
  • stereosymmetry

    Always brings a tear to my eye.

    Dezember 2008
  • Marieburg

    This is one of the saddest songs ever.

    September 2008
  • rameshwarnigam

    guud song

    Mai 2008
  • Timmahlicious

    My long-favorite Ben Folds song, and I just learned something else about it that makes me love it even more; John McCrea did the backup vocals. HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THIS BEFORE!!?!?! So. good.

    April 2008
  • tharxneo8x

    yay for awesometastic music. ben folds is fantastic.

    März 2008
  • mycavalier

    UGH I AGREE! Still an absolutely amazing song though.

    März 2007
  • stormbreaker932

    I would very much like to lynch the person who pirated this song, and listened to it before anyone could play THE RIGHT SONG.

    Februar 2007
  • bananawacky

    this is an incredibly beautiful song.

    Juli 2006