• Musical moments of 2009

    13. Jan. 2010, 21:32 von allremovables

    10) No more George Lamb on 6Music! Fuck yes.
    Not much more to say, really. I still don't find time to listen to it much, but the other afternoon I tuned in and heard Steve Lamacq playing Hefner. Hefner. On the radio. It was brilliant. Though I'll not manage to be a regular again until they put Phil Jupitus back on the breakfast slot, followed by Gideon Coe.

    9) Finding that Patrick Wolf's still got it, live.
    See my review of him at the Junction on 10th March 2009. The album was a bit pants, and I only listen to it selectively, but I stand by the Kate Bush comparison, and my longing to see him in a venue for the 18+ only... (not so he'll take his pants off, you see, so that I don't have to punch drunken 14-year-olds in the kidneys to get them off my feet). A great live performer, even if the corpus of his material is getting unwiedly and hard to combine into a single set.

    8) A live Talking Heads album that blew my mind.
    It's amazing what having your hard-drive wiped makes you do. …
  • A day in the round room

    23. Jul. 2008, 18:29 von strawpig

    Sun 20 Jul – BBC Proms 4 & 5 - Folk Day and Ceilidh

    After walking ALL the way round the outside of the Royal Albert Hall, due to some confusion over doors, we settled ourselves down on the arena floor.

    First up was a singer called Bella Hardy, I wasn't entirely impressed in that she had a good voice, but there was no interest in the song (Seventeen Come Sunday) which was followed by a rather lackluster Royal Northern Windband playing Vaughn Williams' English Folk Song Suite (the first movement of which is Seventeen Come Sunday).

    Next up (after another Bella Hardy singing the original) was a rather fab Granger arrangement of a rather fab folk tune.

    The next bit was rather too "modern" for my liking and went on and on (and on!).

    The second half was opened by a group of kids playing various folky tunes. Turns out they're taught by Kathryn Tickell. They were (unsurprisingly) very very good.

    Next up were some hungarians playing traditional hungarian music, which was fab.