Bebel Gilberto

Six Degrees
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3. Apr. 2007
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    Titel     Dauer Hörer
1 Baby 3:49 35.881
2 Simplesmente 4:48 37.090
3 Aganjú 4:44 15.847
4 All Around 4:42 40.798
5 River Song 4:55 31.746
6 Every Day You've Been Away 4:05 24.325
7 Cada Beijo 4:26 59.618
8 O Caminho 2:59 27.269
9 Winter 4:22 25.151
10 Céu Distante 2:58 9.444
11 Jabuticaba 3:02 25.505
12 Next to You 2:52 24.195

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  • johnabou

    THE PERFECT KIND OF MUSIC TO HAVE ON, WHEN INVITING A HOT WOMAN HOME TO HAVE ROMANTIC CHANDLELIGHT DINNER AND WANT TO GET SERIOUSE WITH! love to listen to this album " Tanto Tempo" with Bebel Gilberto with that setuctive voice of hers, makes the music sound so romantic and has made lots of people fall in love and that are now married !!Yes and a whole bunch of Bebel babies where born into this world!And l would say that she has the hottest sounding "Bossa Nova" voice and music around today!Youre father Gilberto must really be proud of you I am.Well I have to go home now, because there is a very pretty lady that l am going to get really romantic with!!Yes Tanto Tempo with Bebel Gilberto

    3. Jun. 2011 Antworten
  • martes68

    reelax muzik

    24. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • uhsuhsuhs

    Uma voz que tem o poder de te acalmar.Maravilhosa

    12. Jun. 2007 Antworten
  • gizmoland

    aganju 너무 좋아.. ㅠㅠ

    4. Apr. 2007 Antworten