„Baldruin is the solo project of Johannes Schebler from Wiesbaden, Germany. Baldruin is both hanted and haunting, blending ritualistic psychedelic folk jams with vast, shimmering ambient soundscapes to create a deeply cavernous sound. For fans of Starving Weirdos and RV Paintings.“

„Sleepwalking in lost memories, a hairy goblin processes ambient Lo-Fi nightmarish tales on keyboard, flute, found objects and percussion. Recalling images from childhood days in the Bavarian woods, these Madeleines taste like cold sweat; dark, romantic and surreal elegies for a past never experienced, only imagined. Some call it “Hauntology”, we call it Bavarian Gothic. Schatten & Lichter provides ten sonic stillborn changelings at midnight, preserved and presented here on tape.“

„Baldruin hailing from the coldest outskirts of the German wasteland. In his long johns he’s delivering lo-fi ritualisitc laments with creepy vocals, a broken violin and lots of bells and shells. Mystic nebulous dreams about a shady & barely forgotten tropical summertime.“

„Bavarian romantic animist Johannes Schebler is astrally navigating this young project Baldruin; whose output has mainly been splits with kindred Franconian spirits on the excellent sisic label. Over the course of 12 elegant post-industrial mementos, the gently expressive acoustics unfold and stretch out, ever-cloaked in a fog of ghostly electronics. Cast your lot with the new dreamers of the day.“ (Brave Mysteries)

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