• Summer Music

    26. Aug. 2008, 2:37 von DrEfficient

    So now that the rolling charts are so convenient to do, I figured I would see what my summer charts looked like. It's not quite over yet, but it's close enough.

    Motörhead takes the top spot with 236 plays. This is really only due to the excitement I had about seeing them at The Metal Masters tour not too long ago, so I had a lot of Motohread going at the time, and they lived up to it all. Didn't think it would be the most of the whole summer though.

    The Offspring is second with 180 plays. Not sure where so many came from. There were a few days where I listened to only The Offspring while working, and just in general I guess I couldn't stop listening after that with all the memories of when I used to listen to them many moons ago. Good times, still

    Third is Rush with 142 plays. Well, I just love Rush and any time is a good time to listen to Rush! Especially Permanent Waves in the morning. Oh, also sometime this summer i discovered how amazing Hemispheres is. …