• The Empty's Response

    22. Jul. 2007, 5:15 von Breitbarth

    So, last night, people got a little wild.

    Anywho, with the permission of my roommate Rob...one of our couches was destroyed. Not to mention, it was by sober people, in a house full of inebriates.

    So today, Nate and I had to recap the event that cause the couches death, and take it out.

    This couch has known Nate, my house's owner for some time. He bought it from friends who bought it from friends. Granted, it was dead. But last time was its time to die.

    Nate got a little emotional...Hell. I did, too. And all the while we were cutting it in half and carrying it outside, "The Empty's Response" by Ataxia was tapping out our couches funeral song.

    So. Life goes on. And the song will live forever in my sleep mix, also known as "".