Temporal World (3:16)

Über dieses Lied

You’re counting letters that form words misconstrued and rearranged carefully to prevent self entrapment. Keep it smooth and you’ll go far.
That’s how this world works.
Doesn’t matter if there’s substance, only matters if it stops the hurt.
All we want is to feel as if this matters. As if this flesh won’t rot away.

So whitewash these tattered walls, make it look like new. Mike it look like new and hope it stays. No it’s your turn to try your hand. Please don’t make the same mistakes. Surely there’s someone out there to fix this hull before it breaks?

And when you think you’ve got it all-the crown is resting on your brow, the crowd is on it’s feet, it must be time to take your bow-just remember at the end of the rope not one of us won’t burn.
Ex nihilo from nothing we came and to nothing we’ll return


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