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Andy Prinz’s love for Electronic Music was born in the mid Eighties when he got bored from the usual piano lessions. Fascinated by new developments and innovations in synthesizer and sampler technologies, Andy soon desired to compose his own songs and make a mark in the Music scene. Computer based music was still at its early stages during this period. Along with two friends from the EBM (Electronic Body Music) scene, Andy formed the synthpop-combo DELAY in the summer of 1991. Soon afterward DELAY had its first live-gig as a supporting act of THE YOUNG GODS.

In the spring of 1992 DELAY presented “Pep Pill”, a 15 track demo CD, which resulted in a record contract with the German label OFF BEAT paving the way for more future releases. The CD-EP “Working In The Factory” advanced to be an underground hit in the EBM and Dark Wave clubs, and the debut album “Underdogs” gained resonance in the entire pan-european EBM / Darkwave scene. “An Altered State of Consciousness”, the band’s second album, was presented with a tour of the synth-pop trio across Germany. Gigs took place in cities like Cologne, Berlin, Bochum, Munich, Nurnberg, Bremen and more.

A new milestone was the making of the 3rd album named “Winter Paranoia” as the whole album was produced and recorded for the first time in Andy Prinz’s own home studio. This expermimental album became a bestseller!

In the beginning of 1996 Andy Prinz began moving his talent towards the Tech-Trance style and joined forces with his friend MAC LANE in early 1997, after having completed the DELAY remix album “Keep In Mind”.



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