• Review - Ashanti: The Declaration

    21. Jun. 2008, 9:32 von onyxparadise

    First things first: those who say that Ashanti can't sing are deaf.


    Or, at least, they haven't been listening. It's certainly true that The Declaration, Ashanti's latest body of work and her first without the overbearing stamp of her The (Murder) Inc. counterparts, displays stronger vocals more prominently than in the past. But even on her first self-titled album, closer “Thank You” showcased a solid set of pipes; Chapter II's “Breakup To Makeup” and Concrete Rose's “So Hot” are only two examples of tracks showing that Ashanti Douglas can sing rings around Cassie, Rihanna and the like, and that she doesn't deserve the reputation of a poor vocalist attributed to her largely by inattentive journalists and envious haters. Her numerous live performances of latest single “The Way That I Love You”, with its challenging melody and sustained “Why” at the start of the hook, while at times bordering on screamy, definitely prove that Ashanti is not a studio creation.