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Aromabar started in 1998 with a concept of elegant, club-compatible music that would be more than simply the addition of its components. A few months later Roland Hackl and Andreas Kinzl gave their debut as Aromabar with the track ’Telephone’ on the INFRACom-compilation ’Fast Forward’ and entered immediately into the playlists Coldcut’s and Rocker Hifi.

On the following 12” ’Where’s Your Moon/Space Patrol’ Karin Steger appeared for the first time as vocalist, joining the band to this very day.

Aromabar’s debut album ’1’ was a moment of surprise, flashing new talents from late nineties’ Vienna. Aromabar added beguiling charms and contemplating pop poses to the lazy beats of the Vienna Lounge & Downtempo School. The results sounded like an antipole to the legions of stoned groove sounds of the era.

Aromabar soon attracted international attention, as their video ‘Little Brother’ was aired on VIVA and MTV in rotation; ’Winter Pageant’ licensed for ’Café del Mar 7’ was playing in nearly every lounge bar between Ibiza and New York. Feedback still comes in today, tells Karin Steger: ’It’s so nice to see that our music reaches people of completely different backgrounds, inspiring them to do their own interpretation’. The cover versions of ’Winter Pageant’ reach from the Dutch progressive house mix to the Philippine Drum’n Bass version.

In the summer of 2000 the single ’Sweetness of Joy’ reached the top of the German club charts; in the same year ’Sparkling Beauty’ surprisingly made it to the No. 2-posititon at the MTV-I-Clip Awards.

Aromabar’s second long player ’Milk & Honey’ consequently left the club/lounge niche, bringing people closer to Aromabar’s definition of ’Popcouture’: music that works in the club context as well as in the relaxed atmosphere of a private living room.

To date, Aromabar have released two full-length albums, 20 singles and a host of remixes for other artists. Their tracks have been licensed to more than 100 compilation albums worldwide.

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