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Anton Rothschild is a reclusive singer songwriter known for his introverted, intimate music exploring the rather narrow creative seam of alienation, self-pity and existential terror. He currently resides somewhere in the South West of England where he creates his works for all to endure. His new album The Dark Dark House is released on Dainty Records on 2nd March 2009 and can be found on last.fm, where you can also hear his earlier releases Secrets of the Seashore and the Old Romantic EP. Anton Rothschild… i) … is not connected in any way with the Rothschild estate ii) … shares a label with some an ‘electronica’ act - a fact that he finds endlessly vulgar iii) … is not connected in any way with the actor of the same, reportedly the star of ‘erotic thrillers’ made in the 1970s… (how awful!)