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Ant Trip Ceremony


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The Ant Trip Ceremony was formed by Steve Detray, a student at Oberlin College in Ohio, who took a break in 1966 and early 1967 to spend time in Logan, UT, with his brother. The name Ant Trip Ceremony came from suggestion from a local English professor who had seen the term in a novel (and which described the modern human society). When Detray returned to Oberlin for the 1967/68 academic year, he disbanded the group but retained the name.

While still at Oberlin, he formed a new electric rock group with Gary Rosen, George Galt, and Mark Stein, who had been playing together in a blues band. Stein was a flute major at Oberlin and Roger Goodman was also a music student; the only non-college member was the drummer, Steve Williams, a 16-year-old local who had some jazz-drumming experience. The band mainly played gigs around the college and were known for their long improvisational jams. In 1968 the band decided to record their music so they equally shared the expense of recording an album. Three hundred copies of the album were pressed and 100 were sold to recoup expenses. The album, titled 24 Hours, was recorded in two sessions, the first in February 1968 and the second some months later. Detray was only present for the first session as he left the college in the spring of 1968. Technical faults affected the 24 Hours and as a result, the vocals sounded further back in the mix than originally intended. The producer, David Crosby, was a fellow student at Oberlin and contrary to legend is not the David Crosby of the Byrds/CSN&Y fame.




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