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Ana Never


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Ana Never is a band from Subotica (Serbia) exists since spring 2002. Shaped in a spirit of friendship and sensibility, it emerged out of exploration and experience of music and life of its three members, Srdjan Terzin (guitar), Dejan Topic (guitar) and Goran Grubisic (drums), who were friends since they were children. During these more than ten years, few other musicians got through this band, in the latest constellation band have five members. Consisting of:

Srđan Terzin - guitar, bass, keys (2002 - )
Dejan Topić - guitar (2002 - )
Goran Grubišić - drums, guitar (2002 - )
Davor Bašić Palković – bass, guitar (2011 - )
Boris Čegar - keys (2012 - )

former members:
Ivan Čkonjević - guitar, bass (2004 - 2010)
Ivana Primorac - bass (2003 - 2006)

Through the decade Ana Never emerged as one of the most respectful bands of post-rock related music in the Balkan region. The band have played all around the south east and central Europe, shared stage with Jeniferever, Kayo Dot, Heirs and many many others. They have been hosting and promoting Nadja, Dorena, Khuda, Sun Glitters, Port-royal, Shaking Sensations and dozens of other bands and artists for their live shows in Serbia.




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