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1) Alien Autopsy is a Ukrainian industrial deathcore band, with conceptual paranormal contents. Official website: www.alien-autopsy.com Official myspace page: www.myspace.com/alienautopsy Official facebook page: www.facebook.com/alienautopsyband Named after the sensational documentary film «Alien Autopsy», band was first formed as a death metal project. By 2009 it had grown to become a five piece band. Alien Autopsy has seen many changes in line-up and style throughout its history with Stan Alien being the only constant member. Beginning as a death metal band, Alien Autopsy later turned to combining industrial elements with their metal music, employing heavy use of samples and synths, not only as additions to but also as integral parts of the composition. Their music has been said to be influenced diversely by deathcore, death metal and groove metal, and their earlier songs are noted for strong influence from Polish death metal bands. Alien Autopsy is well known for its work in the local underground scene. So they worked on themselves to create their own distinct music, and in summer 2009 band released demo CD called «Hangar 18», which began to build a buzz around the band gaining a notable local following. Later in 2010 Alien Autopsy went through another line-up change and completely turned into unique heavy-duty industrial deathcore band. In 2011 they released their first single «Abduction». Alien Autopsy takes its lyrical themes from various alien contact cases, evidence from eyewitnesses of UFOs and aliens, occult teachings, mythologies, and ancient esoteric traditions. In 2012 band presented a self-released EP called «Paranormal». Current line-up: Stan Alien - vocals/guitars/programming Hunk Alien - guitars/backing vocals Grey Alien - percussion/vocals Shon Alien - bass guitar 2) Alien Autopsy from Poland performs punk rock.