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  • Obay_the_Zombie

    Ambient \\ Drone music from Damascus, Syria

    Juli 2014
  • guessmyhobby


    September 2010
  • Blu045

    very intense music, i love al gromer's music, they are soo magic

    April 2010
  • cem-mumcu


    April 2010
  • tikimark

    wonderful listening

    August 2009
  • analyticon

    jo mei, da alois, wer hätt gedacht, dass der statt da blasmusi moi an 'ambient style' greirt...

    März 2009
  • nai-r


    Januar 2009
  • RamoBerlin

    nice flow.. *RAMO BERLIN* MUSIC on

    Oktober 2008
  • Tetley-Bitter

    Just watched the Big Cats of the Masai Mara on tv---this agori dance would have made super soundtrack to the camp there---cheetah's and all

    Oktober 2008
  • esoterich

    He has amazingly beautiful transcendental tunes! Should be much better known and appreciated, I think?

    Mai 2008
  • Iron_Storm

    Monsoon Point is great album.. he's good

    Juni 2007