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What happened to the world today what Happens all you say what happened yesterday? All we do is watch our back sleep with I can't seem to find a better way I can't seem to think about today This and fuck with death we're ready to attack Now I'm never doing right You will start to feel alright! Take a chance on what you feel and maybe Alcohol and violence all those skams And smoking crack how long do And dirty tricks waiting for the tide to shift So your life is not on track shooting dope Somebody told me no matter how you feel don't Forget to know what's real You think you'll last? Situations everyday you can't make a difference If you turn the other way Nobody's right nobody's wrong can you see the Light outside before to long I've got my pride passed down from my fathers What happened to the world today what happens Side and you can never take it away All we do is watch our backs from aids Heartaches and death- fight it all All you say what happened yesterday? Till my last breath!

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