In the Name of What (3:54)

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Here nothing grows. Here nothing lives. Do you dream of the future or do you live in the past? Are you out for humanity or a gender, race, or class? Are you dilligently fighting with the movement, or fighting the blind cause? If you were given freedom would that be an end? If you were given the means would you use them to your benefit?
Could you survive in this world without your fucking technology? Your conveniences that have cowardly carved a brilliant way of life, dependent on oppression of the way of nature. Pollute the environment for a cheap fix of flexing useless capabilities. All in the name of what? Our arrogance, this need for dominance. Well I am not so blind.
Despite our belief we are not the greatest species in existence. We are not the missing link, this is not advancement, the turth remains the same. As we push forward searching for our destiny, which we know damn well is death, I sing a song in desperation for the dying, those who could all be helped so easily. Those who fill your fucking plate. All in the name of what? Our arrogance, this need for dominance. Well I am not so blind.

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