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Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2001 – aktuell)

There are at least three artists known as Aetherius:

1. Aetherius is the performance name of artist Rab Townsend, who hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has self-produced more than four albums worth of original material since 2001.

His music combines stylistic elements of , , and , as well as , with an emphasis on melancholy moods and spacey atmospheres.

Aetherius began making music at the age of 14 using the name Dj_StarChild. Through the OverClocked ReMix community, he was introduced to and self-production.

This led to the composition and production of two albums’ worth of piano driven ambient dance music entitled ‘Multi-Coloured Breakfast’ and ‘Empty Box of Happiness,’ the latter of which exposing a more experimental edge.
By 2004, after having changed his alias to „Aetherius,“ allowing for a change of influence and style, he composed and produced a third album entitled ‘The Inevitability of Pain (and the stupidity of those who don’t expect it)’ which was a more structured, yet still experimental collection of piano driven ambient songs.
He immediately began work on his fourth album of original music, which is titled „An Experiment in Orbital Displacement.“ It showcases his affinity for found-sound layering, and guitar experimentation, and a development of his piano style into a more delicate, dreamlike atmosphere.
Throughout later 2007, Rab began working on an EP entitled ‘FallPast EP’, named for a song written shortly after the completion of the previous album. The EP is still a work in progress.




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