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A† Daggers Drawn



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Perhaps you know this… waking up, walking around and watching how daily life brings you in a mood that you just feel goddamn weak and lost? Feeling alone in a crowd of friends and strangers? These are just a few examples that we use to try to explain what’s the intention behind At Daggers Drawn. Formed in 2008 some of us already played in other bands and we wanted to start something new. And like almost every band it took a while to find a constant line up and our own path to go. Having started to record stuff since early 2009 we played a lot of shows since then and will end up this year with nearly a month of touring trough Spain, Portugal and France with Tacklberry. For 2010 we have a lot of plans. Besides playing even more shows like the upcoming Eastern European/Russian tour with our Belgian friends „Daggers” we are recording our debut album in spring of 2010 that will be released through Fields Of Hope Records. At Daggers Drawn is not a band that talks about tons of fucked up things going on in this world added with a positive message or a masterplan. More likely we try to share our point of view that everything that surrounds us has an impact on us and where we are after growing up for years under the „shelter“ of a prosperous society. In our music we found a way to release all our fear and anger. Playing shows is what we’re all heading on and what gives a sense to our life. At Daggers Drawn is based in the fields of modern Hardcore in the vein of bands like Modern Life Is War, The Legacy… we could name plenty more but this wouldn’t say anything about us, so get your own impression…



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