4. Jan. 2011 | von 9castleclose.blogspot.com/

I over heard someone a couple days ago say that we're now starting a new week, a new month, a new year and a new decade. That's a pretty exciting concept! Of course, I always get a giddy wave of excitement when a new year rolls around, a feeling that is usually soon obliterated by life's ups and downs that push me into the same old rut. But this year I'm determined to not let that happen!

9CC is going to have a busy year. We're working on recordings, we're writing new songs, we've got festivals coming up and lots of other things that are going to keep us working hard in 2011. I'm excited to see all our old friends and familiar faces this year and hoping to meet many more new ones!

So, today I'm lifting my glass to what 2010 was, which both professionally and personally was a great year, and also welcoming in 2011. Let's get out there and get it, folks! And like they used to say on Hill Street Blues, "Let's be careful out there!".

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