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  • SilentOctober

    What a most beautiful interlude. Feels like life.

    April 2015
  • metalmasterman

    Such a cool tune. I could listen to a whole spoken word record like this.

    April 2013
  • Kiz88

    "Who can really dedicate a song to the fisherman" I would think the same way you would dedicate a song to anyone. Great little tune though.

    März 2012
  • 6sic6

    one of my favorite interludes ever.

    Dezember 2010
  • Omar_the_Rhcp93

    When I read the title of this song I think "Who can really dedicate a song to the fisherman?" but when I listen the song and I read the lyrics I understand the meaning of this song and why this band dedicate a song for the fisherman! This song is beautiful

    November 2010
  • novack21


    Mai 2010
  • Dabog083

    love this song

    Februar 2010
  • Yakuza__

    @bbspike94 the band is metalcore but not this song

    Januar 2010
  • Viridian317

    i can really relate to this track...i love of my favorites..brings back a lot of memories.

    Januar 2010
  • bbspike94

    cause it is METALCORE !!!!!

    Juli 2009
  • Lineman95

    ...or hardcore...

    Juli 2009
  • Lineman95

    Write one reason why do people tag it metalcore..

    April 2009
  • jonowev

    Makes me cry every time.

    April 2009
  • 610KR3W

    legit. surprised theres no shouts on this yet.

    April 2009