• Slava to the Rescue!

    12. Sep. 2005, 21:50 von Heidelberger

    I've been pretty down over the last couple days about the crappy Tatu album, but my spirits have been lifted by turning my attention to some other Russian singers. Slava was recommended to me by an Isreali girl I met. She didn't think I'd like it. I told her I like Smash! "Oh, well then you might like Slava," she said.

    Slava is like the Kylie Minogue of the Russian speaking world. Not to be confused with the world famous DJ that "real" ravers love to talk shit about Sasha - I'm talking about the drop-dead gorgeous singer from Russia named Александра Антонова aka Слава. Here's a pic from her official site. Go check it out. They've got videos, mp3s, etc. One of the reasons I love Russian music is because it's so easy to find out a lot about a band just from their site - watch their video, download a couple mp3s, read the bio. Anyway, check out Slava: