15 years of Thrills!


1. Okt. 2007, 17:15

We're 15 years old! We will have a celebration. It will be epic. From the early Jockey days on the Lower East side of Manhattan to the current Thrills in the heart of Pilsen in Chicago we have had the extreme pleasure of sharing with the world an endless stream of amazing musicians and a wealth of unforgettable albums. On November 11th and 12th of 2007 Thrill Jockey is taking over Koko in London. This will be the event of a lifetime. Check out this lineup! Sunday November 11th: The Fiery Furnaces, Trans Am, The Sea and Cake, Califone, Arbouretum, Radian, The Zincs, and Daniel Higgs and Chiara Giovando. Monday November 12th: Tortoise, Bobby Conn, Adult., and KTL. THIS IS NO JOKE the only other place you'll see this many Thrill Jockey bands back to back is on our soon to be released 7 box set (details below).

Ticket price is £18.00 for the all dayer on Sunday 11 November. Doors open at 2:00pm

Ticket price for Tortoise headline show on Monday 12 November is £17.50

Tickets available from venue box office http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/
or www.seetickets.com
or www.stargreen.com
0207 734 8932

To all those lucky enough to score a ticket to the party we have an extra added bonus.

A little while back we handed over the entire Thrill Jockey catalogue to our friends Girl Talk and Trey Told 'Em. From Freakwater to Mouse on Mars to Trans Am to Tom Verlaine to The Sea and Cake we lent it all to these hype mash up DJs. Now we are pleased to announce that everyone attending the 15th anniversary party will receive an exclusive remix CD from Girl Talk and Trey Told 'Em of the whole Thrill Jockey catalogue. Aw yeah, with Girl Talk and Trey Told 'Em cookin up ingredients this nice the results are sure to be nothing short of amazing. Get in on it while you still can!

The celebration rolls on into eternity with a Limited Edition 7 inch box set. Inspired by the delicious Devil’s Jukebox 7” set released in 1989 by Blast First, Thrill Jockey decided to celebrate some of our and our band’s favorite songs by releasing a limited edition 180 g 7” box of our own. We extended an open invitation to our bands to select and cover any song ever released on Thrill Jockey. The result is a set of 9 seven inches (18 songs). These amazing cuts have us all drooling. Nobukazu Takemura covered by Tortoise, Thalia Zedek covered by Arbouretum, Califone covered by The Sea and Cake, The Lonsesome Organist covered by Pit Er Pat, The Fiery Furnaces covered by David Byrne and much more!! More details to come, we'll keep you posted.

The Fiery Furnaces Widow City and Extra Golden Hera Ma Nono are now available for pre-order on CD and LP! Widow City and Hera Ma Nono on vinyl both come with free MP3 download codes, as if these smooth killers weren't sweet enough on their own! Order a copy of The Fiery Furnaces Widow City here. Pick up Extra Golden's Hera Ma Nono here.


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