Diversant:13 - Glamour And Pathos EP (2010)


31. Mai. 2010, 0:45

Synthematik presents a provocative EP release from one of the top Belarusian harsh EBM / industrial acts Diversant:13.
Гламур И Пафос [Glamour And Pathos]” offers the listener four original dance floor-ready tracks fully packed with harsh electro energy and sharp guitar riffs. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics reflect the band’s critical view on what is going on in and around the modern dark music scene which is full of shitty wannabe DJs, stupid glamorous chicks and other pathetic scum today. The musicians are asking why real feelings and emotions do not count anymore. Why have they been replaced with glamour and pathos? Why do people care only about having fun, parting hard and changing facebook statuses? You think these songs are about someone else somewhere far away? No. These songs are all about YOU!
This harsh electro demarche against the glamourification is supported by killer remixes from Zweifelhaft (RUS), |De:Source| (RUS), Dirty Bird 13 (UKR), NANOBIONICS (BLR) and Psyq (BLR). As a confirming kill you will get a brutal cover version of the title track by the Ukrainian deathcore / industrial maniacs Ungrace!

DOWNLOAD: www.synthematik.net


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