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16. Sep. 2008, 18:50

hello all-
Just when you thought it was going quiet in Slumberland, we launch our Autumn release bonanza. I hope you've all been saving your pennies, because we sure haven't.

Leading things off is Cause Co-Motion!'s "I Lie Awake" three-song 7" EP. Following a series of increasingly rad singles on labels like What's Yr Rupture? and the band's own Can't Cope, Cause Co-Motion! bring their patented reverb-happy pop to Slumberland and it just fits like a glove. A blazing chaos of jangle, clatter, and thump - busted strings and broken hearts. Hummable tunes to scratch that TVPs/Pastels/Comet Gain itch, with more than a dash of 14 Iced Bears and Desperate Bicycles in there too. Sounding for all the world like dispatches from a future Messthetics comp, there are three doses of pure DIY pop pleasure, straight from the garage to your ears, feet and heart. If you liked previous classics like "This Time Next Year" and "Take A Look" then you will love the "I Lie Awake" EP.

Please note that all three songs on this single will also be included on Cause Co-Motion!'s "It's Time!" singles compilation CD, to be released on Slumberland October 28. If you dig vinyl as much as we do, though, you will want this ace single.

For more info:

Cause Co-Motion! are not just a great band, they're also music fans and record collectors of the first order. If you need any evidence, have a look at Dusted's September 10th edition of Listed, featuring ten picks by the band. We liked the selection so much we asked them to knock together a little podcast for us to soundtrack the feature. So here it is, ten gems from Cause Co-Motion! to you.
Listed feature on Dusted:

Up next:
Scheduled for release on October 14 is the long-awaited new single from Brooklyn's amazing The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Following on from a self-released CDEP and two split singles, "Everything with You" is taken from The Pains' debut album and is an absolutely smashing slice of timeless noisy pop. If this one doesn't get you jumping around and playing some rather embarrassing air guitar I'm not sure if I want to know you. The b-side is a new recording of "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart," and is as anthemic as pop can be. Seriously, this single just kills it. Co-released with our friends at fortuna pop (Europe) and Lost & Lonesome (Australia), this single comes on lovely blue vinyl wrapped in a classy cardstock sleeve. Essential.

October 28 is a mighty big day for us, seeing the release of two great albums: Cause Co-Motion!'s "It's Time!" singles compilation CD and Crystal Stilts' eagerly-anticipated debut album, "Alight of Night." Cause Co-Motion! has released some pretty impressive singles over the last few years, and we couldn't be any happier to be able to bring them to you on one handy CD. Packing fourteen crash-pop classics into one budget-price 21 minute disc, this is a pure distillation of the joy of pop, music-making and DIY attitude. Just too cool.

Crystal Stilts have deservedly been the topic if a huge amount of internet/blog buzz lately, and "Alight of Night" will illustrate why the attention is so well-deserved. Blending together influences as correct and far-ranging as VU, early Mary Chain, Suicide, first-wave post-punk (Factory, Rough Trade) and early, weird Flying Nun (think Pin Group, Plagal Grind), Crystal Stilts have created a totally unique sound that's dark and melodic, primal but still poppy, elemental and timeless but also bang up-to-date. Mysterious and totally compelling, "Alight of Night" digs deep into the foundation material of post-punk pop and mines diamonds of classic simplicity. So, yeah, we dig it, and we think you will too.

Now augmented by former Vivian Girls drummer Frankie, look for Crystal Stilts and Cause Co-Motion! on tour on the west coast in October and November.

Stay tuned:
November will bring us great singles from Glasgow courtesy of Bricolage and Sexy Kids, to be followed in early 2009 by albums from Bricolage and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Lots more singles in store for you as well, including more entries in our Searching For The Now Series. 2009 is Slumberland's 20th anniversary, and wouldn't you know we're going into it with a BANG!

Until next time-
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