AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE’s debut music video to premier on MySpace Metal!


1. Sep. 2008, 0:24

Ahhnold and Co. are pleased to announce they will no longer need to tear the intestines out of anyone at MySpace’s camp as the site has eagerly agreed to premier the band’s debut music video for the track Get To The Choppa off the multi award winning release Total Brutal. Or at least we told Ahhnold the album has won several awards, including best album to ever be created by an Austrian and best album of the Universe, to ensure he does not leave his headquarters in Sacramento to rip the arms off and beat any of Metal Blade staff with their own limbs. We still can’t get the blood stains out of the carpet from when he brutalized one of our interns for mistakenly referring to the band as Australian Death Machine. Poor Timmy…

That being said, make sure to head over to Myspace Metal on Wednesday September 3rd to check out the video for Get to the Choppa, which will be available exclusively through MySpace. If you don’t there’s a serious change Ahhnold might just beat you until you’re bleeding both internally and externally.


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