PODCAST #021 - City Focus - Buenos Aires

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    • 10. Dez. 2010, 14:37

    PODCAST #021 - City Focus - Buenos Aires

    Our City Focus this week takes us to South America - to the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires to be precise, where we talk to prominent techno producers Gurtz and Seph about their bustling home city and its music.

    Buenos Aires is of course the city of Tango - from Carlos Gardel to Gotan Project - but also of cumbia, as well as rock nacional, the hugely popular Argentinian version of US domestic rock.

    Electronic music never had it easy in Buenos Aires, where imported vinyl is often prohibitively expensive due to the city's remote location and Argentina's notoriously unstable currency.

    Despite this, club life has become a popular pastime among young porteños, mainly among the city's hedonistic middle and upper class. In the shadow of Recoleta and Palermo's hipster hangouts however, an interesting scene for underground electronic music has developed in recent years. Its breadth of styles ranges from experimental minimal techno by artists like Barem, Jonas Kopp and Gustavo Lamas to the electronic cumbia mutations of ZZK Records, and international artists like Matias Aguayo have recently chosen the Argentinian capital as their city of residence.

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