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For those with an interest in the transgressive: music, film, literature, art. Body horror, industrial music, power electronics, noise, powernoise, transgressive fiction, no wave, cut ups etc.

The transgressive is that which is considered shocking or repulsive. Overstepping a boundary.

To transgress is to be changed, and to grow.

Transgress is to supercede and transcend.

Please feel free to share journals, links, recomendations and experiences. Content relies on the user.
Of course, as per the nature of the group there is no cencorship here. You may say and discuss whatever springs to mind.

We also condone, and encourage sharing, sampling and so forth. If you have a project, feel free to post links and information. We would also love to connect the group to any transgressive projects out there, regardless of genre.

For further transgressions against the goodness of mankind:

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