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Gegründet am: 12. Sep. 2008
Beschreibung: group of the french-swiss label three:four records .

Now available
three:four split series volume 1
:take: + white/lichens

Err on the Good Side
curated by ali_fib featuring él-g + sus & jakob, duane pitre, sir richard bishop, mike wexler, ben nash, steve gunn, liberez!, ilitch, hellvete & amen dunes

three:four split series volume 2
.cut featuring gibet + the fun years

Does your cat know my dog?
Bad Bonn's selection for the new ear.
Featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Your Fault, Pierre Omer, Joe Galen, Carlan Bozulich & Ches Smith, Sunn O))), Sum of R, Bulbul + Boris Hauf, combineharvester and Sonic Youth.

thisquitearmy & scott cortez - meridians
12" EP collaboration between Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) and Scott Cortez (former lovesliescrushing)

All Releases come on limited edition (handnumered copies) vinyl include coupon for free mp3 download

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