Portishead News that I know of.

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    • 16. Sep. 2004, 16:40

    Portishead News that I know of.

    Generally, yeah, it's a pain to keep up with Portishead et al. Since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info flying around, I'll let loose with what I know...

    Get the DVD if you haven't, it has most of their videos as well as the concert(though there is a video for Glory Box that's not on there)

    Beth Gibbons, the lead singer, did a solo album with some other dude who now calls himself "Rustin Man." There are a few okay tracks on it, and a LOT of other people dug it, but it was sort of blah for me.

    Tom Jones, yeah, THAT Tom Jones, did a cover album a few years ago; on that album there was a cover of "All Mine;" also, he worked with Portishead themselves to cover the song "Motherless Child."

    A group called The Jimi Entley Sound did a single with two songs on it, one called "Charlie's Theme," the other a cover of the Incredible Bongo Band's "Apache,"--it's rumored that the Jimi Ently Sound is Portishead under another name--and given the similarity of these two songs to the Tom Jones "Motherless Child" cover, I'm inclined to believe it.

    Geoff Barrow (who's arguably the brainchild of Portishead) has had a hand in two projects since then. One is Katalyst, a sample based artist from Australia (compare to Wiseguys, Fatboy Slim, etc.) "Manipulating Agent" is solid as well, but nothing groundbreaking (though "LB on the cut" is a fun reworking of a billion time used sample.)

    The biggie, though, is Stephanie McKay. It's absolutely silly that this album hasn't sold billions of copies, and isn't even released in the us. She sang backup for Kelis; but her album is straight up Soul sister+Portishead. As in, Portishead, but just slightly more accessible to an R&B crowd. Do what it takes to cop this one...

    Any other news folks? Holler at me...



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    • 17. Nov. 2004, 15:46

    New Portishead?

    From the Beth Gibbons mailing list... (via slowrotation.com)

    From the Beth Gibbons mailing list:

    Beth has been very busy this year taking the opportunity to work with other artists - writing the track 'Killing Time' for Joss Stone's new album Mind, Body & Soul, writing and performing backing vocals on the track 'Strange Melody' for Jane Birkin's new album 'Rendez Vous', co-writing and performing the track 'Lonely Carousel' with Rodrigo Leao for his new album 'Cinema' and co-writing the track 'Love Is A Stranger' with David Steel (of Fine Young Cannibals fame) for his current Fried album.
    Currently in the midst of completing a film score for a French Film 'L'Annulaire' to be released in 2005 Beth is remarkably also finding the time to work on new tracks for Portishead!

    Beth will be performing on November 20th and 21st in Lisbon and November 25th in Oporto, Portugal with Rodrigo Leao and there are unconfirmed plans for a one-off performance with Jane Birkin in Paris before the year end.

    No doubt it's just the latest in the long line of 'they're still working together' rumours.

    On the other hand, welcome to all those folks who are Googling for the "new Portishead album".

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  • No, no rumour. I signed up and got this letter. However, you have to ask yourself, what does this mean? Does it mean that she has 1 track 2 tracks 12? All that tells us is that yes, there will be an album in the future.

    But when are we to expect a mother fucking album? Seriously, folks, when? And there is no way to know if it will even be as good as their previous works. It makes me anxious and neverious. I hate it.


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    • 23. Apr. 2008, 19:03

    New Portishead review of "Third"

    Check out the review www.shortandsweetnyc.com did of Portishead's new album "third" here:


  • Wow, that was a very long review! /sarcasm

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    • 18. Jan. 2009, 10:49


    Sorry,but I haven't understood if Beth had sung with Jane Birkin on the track "Strange Melody" or Gibbons just had written lyrics for this song?I recently came across Jane's album "Rendez-vous"...

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    • 12. Jul. 2011, 9:56

    Next album

    Any news on fourth album? Some sites say that P wanted to release it in 2011, but maybe we should wait for their october tour.

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