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jazz is an art form, not a genre. thus, the future sound of jazz is not confined to one musical scene but is fed by a broad range of contemporary approaches with a myriad of voices.

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our music ? i guess, it's jazz, but it's not what jazz was. —esbjörn svensson (1964—2008)
picture: www.cathyjamisonfineart.com

the future of jaZz is not determined by DJs, party vibes and exotic groovesalads
but by unterrified avant-garde musicians who are pushing the borders of jazz music
per se (even if they are DJs).

this group is well suited for people who don’t confuse funk & soul with jazz ...
confuse acid jazz & grooves with nu-jazz ... confuse electrojazz and nostalgic
remixes with future jazz ... you get the picture? ...
and if you don’t, this group might help you in making the distinctions and in
broadening your musical experience with the newest developments in jazz.

the true future jaZz artists might borrow from each and every genre and style,
be it afrobeat, flamenco, post-rock or trip-hop. but they won’t neglect their heritage
nor let it limit their vision.


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future of jaZz—a SiR HendRix Group production

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