We want scrobbling with JetAudio!

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If you love JetAudio and want Last.fm to make a plugin for JetAudio so we can scrobble tracks with JetAudio, then join this group!

We love using JetAudio and we hate that we cannot use it for scrobbling our tracks to our Last.fm profiles. We prefer JetAudio over all media players, without a doubt this is the best media player for us JetAudio freaks.

We demand a JetAudio for Last.fm software!

Connect as much as you can to this group, invite people you know, do whatever it takes to make this group notable and help it grow!

Your taste of music does not matter, as long as you share this same opinion! You can listen to everything -- from Jazz to Brutal Death Metal and from Classical sonatas to Aggrotech: please DO connect it to this group!

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