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RIP Visual Sound

Posted by Nintai [(2008.01.03)] It's up! Finally the long awaited Visual Sound Media Blog at LiveJournal is now up and ready to be utilized by you, the Visual Sound member. Be sure to read all of the rules about the area at the forum or the LJ.

Posted by Nintai [(2008.01.31) ] The February banner is up. It was made by Kagemaru who did a really great job with it. You can check it out by visiting this link.

Posted by Nintai [(2007.12.23)] Visual Sound Forums is back! You can now re-register there for an account. Normal posting will not resume until sometime Sunday evening; however, you can comment and help out in the temp forum. Please re-register with the same name you had used previously to avoid confusion, THANK YOU!

Posted by Nintai [(2011.09.21)]This group is dead guys. Anyone can still join, but Visual Sound no longer exist as far as I know. I gave it to a moderator at the forums and stopped following it at that point. It's been a lot of years since then -- I thought I would add this just to clear up any confusion.

Posted by Nintai [(2012.08.23)]4 years and still dead. VS is still trying to hold onto its memory. JUST DIE ALREADY!!! Ahemm sorry. Just noticed there are people still in this group. will not let me delete it.

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