• 2004 - 5 picks from my personal collection

    10. Sep. 2014, 4:37 von Jim_Lithium

    [Part 21 of a series of posts where I look at a handful of favorites from my own record collection from the past 30 years. A version of desert island discs, if you will.]

    My 2004 sucked big time. I spent it in the army but that's only half the story. A real low point of my life and it lasted some 365 days. Buuuuut... It was a ridiculously good year for music! Just narrowing down my choices brought me to 16 awesome records and from there on I've had to weigh pros and cons between each album.

    Death Angel - The Art Of Dying

    Thrash metal was going through a revival in 2004. Along with this, two of my favorite releases in the genre from the same year were Megadeth's triumphant return with The System Has Failed and Gwar's War Party. The Art Of Dying gets the nod out of these as it's my favorite Death Angel album and really made an impact on first listen. I was spending a friday night driving some off duty army higher ups around town and had a late night metal radio show on when "Thrown To The Wolves" came on. That was the best thing about that night, I had to buy the album.

    Death from Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine

    I saw these guys perform the song "Romantic Rights" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien with Max Weinberg playing the drums for the second half of the song. Obviously that left an impression, the song was good and the performance energetic. This album was such a promising start for the band but they would break up two years later. Death From Above 1979 could have been big, they were pushing all the right buttons but it was not meant to be. Now they have reunited and their second album is scheduled to be released...actually on this very day that I'm writing this (September 9th, 2014). What a coincidence. This is a great album, let's see how their sophmore release fares in comparison.

    Eagles of Death Metal - Peace Love Death Metal

    With a name like that and a funky album cover, you had to be intrigued. Josh Homme is a member of EODM - he plays the drums?! Some people called it a waste of his talent but who gives a shit. Peace Love Death Metal is low key, no frills, no bullshit, bare bones, rock'n'roll music. Good stuff through and through with highlights including but not limited to "I Only Want You", "Stuck In the Metal" and "Miss Alissa". The band lost some of the mystique surrounding this album with their next release and subsequently my interest dropped significantly. I'm sure the others are good albums as well but this one, this one is great.

    High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings

    The bestestest metal band of the ´00s for me and Blessed Black Wings is their breakthrough album in my eyes. Sticker on the cover said it was like a mix of Slayer and Motörhead, and I agree wholeheartedly. And still High On Fire sounds like no other band. Blessed Black Wings is epic grass roots heavy metal battery. The opening of "Devilution" still gives me goosebumps, I have distinct memories of listening to "Brother In the Wind" at otherwise nondistinct moments of my life, "Blessed Black Wings" slays everytime without fail and "To Cross the Bridge" is one of my all time favorite High On Fire songs. Epic riffage, epic drummage, epic lyrics, it's all pure gold.

    Jello Biafra & The Melvins - Never Breathe What You Can't See

    If I were just compiling a list of my favorite albums of all time, this would be on there without question. Why? I suppose because this is what 'modern punk rock' should sound like (and it was recorded by a bunch of 40 year olds). It's both the best Jello Biafra album and the best Melvins album I've ever heard. That's saying a lot. The perfect marriage. In 2004 the sound of this album was cutting edge and as always you could count on Jello to deliver topical lyrics, yet even ten years afterwards it doesn't sound at all dated. Start with the opener "Plethysmograph", turn it up to 11 and go from there. This album is worth your time.


    Now then, seeing as 2004 was musically A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in my opinion, do you (yes, you - the person who somehow ended up checking out this post) have any specific favorite albums from this year?
  • Pukkelpop reviews @

    7. Sep. 2014, 20:47 von GothicBowie666

    Thu 14 Aug – Pukkelpop 2014

    Back To Pukkelpop 2014 [Donderdag]: Smaakmakers in The Club

    Toen we de affiche van Pukkelpop onder ogen kregen, hadden we niet direct het 'wauw-gevoel' dat we van andere jaren gewoon zijn. De headliners waren op zijn minst verrassend te noemen. Al moeten we eerlijk toegeven dat The National, Editors en Queens of the Stone Age ondertussen al ruimschoots hun sporen verdiend hebben in het muziekwereldje. Opvallend was wel dat de grote massa enkel bij die laatste echt aanwezig was op de mainstage. Uiteraard staat of valt Pukkelpop niet met dat ene podium, er zijn voldoende alternatieven en ontdekkingen te doen op de vele andere podia in de omtrek. Slowdive, Portishead, The War on Drugs, Blaudzun of Thurston Moore zijn maar een heel kleine greep uit bands en artiesten die deze affiche de moeite waard maken om de volle drie dagen te genieten. Ook wij waren er dus die volle drie dagen bij, onze bevindingen van de bands die we gezien hebben leest u in volgende verslagen.

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    Back To Pukkelpop 2014 [Vrijdag]: The National, John Newman en Thurston Moore verdelen de podiumplaatsen

    De voorspelde regen bleef , op een paar buien na, uit op Pukkelpop. De weergoden waren het festival dus eens gunstig gezind. Nu is een beetje modder ook niet iets om over te panikeren, maar we houden het graag droog. Tot daar het weerbericht van de dag. Op dag 2 was het vooral uitkijken naar Thurston Moore, The National en opkomende talenten zoals Blaudzun of The War on Drugs. Daarnaast bezochten we ook nog Flatcat, Truckfighters en de zanger met de gouden stem John Newman. Kortom weer een heerlijke dag op Pukkelpop met heel wat talent op één festivalweide.

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    Back To Pukkelpop 2014 [Zaterdag]: De triomftocht van Josh Homme

    Op deze derde dag van Pukkelpop keken we vooral uit naar Queens of the Stone Age en Portishead. Maar het zou ook een dag worden met fijne ontdekkingen, en het blij weerzien met Evil Invaders die voor het eerst op Pukkelpop mochten spelen. Enkele aangename verrassingen stonden ons ook te wachten, de één wat beter dan de andere. Maar in die drie dagen Pukkelpop hebben we weinig ontgoochelende concerten gezien. De review van dag 3:

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  • 2003 - 5 picks from my personal collection

    31. Aug. 2014, 15:37 von Jim_Lithium

    [Part 20 of a series of posts where I look at a handful of favorites from my own record collection from the past 30 years. A version of desert island discs, if you will.]

    2003, eh? Fuck it. One thing I learned in 2003 was that I didn't want to be a postman. That's right, for a short time I worked as a postman. It sucked. I've come a long way since then and I'm still not quite happy. What is enough for the modern person?

    Overkill - Killbox 13

    This is actually the only Overkill studio album I own at the time of writing. Killbox 13 may not be one of the more classic Overkill releases but it's still a consistently strong album and a quality pick from 2003. The first song I'd like to highlight here is "Damned" - killer riffs and Bobby's delivery is as good as ever. "Crystal Clear" is a surprisingly groove-laden track for Overkill and with that said, there are noticeable shades of the Pantera sound throughout the record. The second half of the album is no less greater than the first with quality cuts like "The Sound of Dying", "Unholy" and the epic closer "I Rise".

    The Sleepy Jackson - Lovers

    This is somewhat of an oddity in my record collection, it being an undeniable mainstream pop rock album. I suppose if Sleepy Jackson had gained some kind of popularity in Finland, I would have dismissed them with the usual shrug. Instead I'm pretty sure I was introduced to them via the internet while looking for recommendations on modern psychedelic rock groups. This is pretty far off, though songs like "Good Dancers", "This Day" and "Come To This" are obvious throwbacks to 1960's flower power pop. I can't deny it even if I wanted to, this album is really good and belongs on this list.

    Solace - 13

    Another unsung classic from the stoner rock underground. 13 is one of those records you'd wish Black Sabbath had put out in it's latter days - and how appropriate that they actually ended up naming their latest release the same as well (I still prefer this over the Sabbath album). Without a doubt I have given "King alcohol" the most plays off 13. For whatever reason that song always sticks out in my mind when thinking about this album. Scott 'Wino' Weinrich guests on "Common cause" and there is also a great cover of Pentagram's "Forever My Queen" as well as a cover of Agnostic Front's "With Time".

    Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Streetcore

    Joe Strummer's swan song, completed after his death. Despite it being a post-humous patchwork for the most part, Streetcore works really well. The Clash influences are there but the overall sound is more aching to britrock. All the songs are great but personal favorites would be "Burning Streets (London Is Burning)" and "The Long Shadow", a song Joe wrote for Johnny Cash who ultimately chose not to record it. This album also includes two excellent covers, Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" and Bobby Charles' "Before I Grow Too Old (Silver and Gold)".

    Ween - Quebec

    "Zoloft" - let's start right there, one of my favorite Ween songs. Makes me wish I had some. Quebec is yet another showcase for the songwriting brilliance of Ween. Though not as diverse genre-wise as some of their previous releases, you still have everything from the contemporary to just plain weirdness. It's pure gold, my friends!

    28. Aug. 2014, 13:36 von BarbarianWrath

    Alright, BLOOD STORM, HYBORIAN STEEL and ALITOR have arrived, have been test listened, numbered and are ready to goat. Apparently the Witch signed me up for a post run in about an hour (It's 3:15 pm as I type this...) so if you want your CDs fresh off the press and still shipped TODAY you should order right now @
  • HYBORIAN STEEL and BLOOD STORM pre-orders are starting NOW !

    22. Aug. 2014, 14:57 von BarbarianWrath

    Word from the Witch is that the new CDs of HYBORIAN STEEL and BLOOD STORM will arrive at the gates of the BARBARIAN WRATH dungeon in one week. Along with two new brews of ALITOR and TYRANT'S KALL so there will be a string a mail trucks rolling up to our dungeon or how else are they planning to deliver all this heaviness in just one shipment.? I hope the sudden movement of such mass won't cause a Polar Jump or a shift of the Earth's axis but in case it does and global electricity will fizzle out for a month or two you'll probably want to pre-order these fine releases right away at the brand new WITCHES BREW store @
  • New BLOOD STORM album preview \\,,/

    17. Aug. 2014, 10:58 von BarbarianWrath

    I have dreamed you from the Howling Void!
    May the fallen gods boil with madness!
    I have heard your phantoms from the howl in the void
    Burning our minds with freezing fear!

    I have seen you wastelings from the void!
    Humanity shall witness the merciless reflections!
    I have felt your torture from the howling void!
    Experience life ripping flesh from bone!

    The gates of heaven nought...
    The sun will bleed to death...
    Forever the roaring midnight realm...
    Flood the earth with Tiamat's blood...
  • Alcatraz Metal Festival - 9/8/2014 verslag + fotoverslag (08/08/2014 en 09/08/2014)…

    12. Aug. 2014, 19:11 von GothicBowie666

    Fri 8 Aug – Alcatraz Metal Fest 2014

    Alcatraz Metal Festival had, volgens mensen die ik ken, af te rekenen met redelijk slecht weer op vrijdag. Op zaterdag scheen de zon en waren het aangename temperaturen. Toen we de weide betraden, viel ons de gemoedelijke sfeer op die we recent ook voelden op Wacken in Duitsland, maar dan kleinschaliger en intiemer. De locatie, vlak tegen de Expo van Kortrijk, kon ons vorig jaar al bekoren. Hoezeer we ook graag afzakten naar Brielpoort te Deinze, de stap naar Outdoor festival die vorig jaar werd gezet, was achteraf gezien een heel goede beslissing geweest. Naast de sfeer genoten we van de vele optredens, het één wat beter dan de andere.

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    Ook op Alcatraz Metal Festival 2014 was Snoozecontrol aanwezig met een fotograaf en reporter. Bekijk binnenin de links om de foto's van het event te bekijken.

    Fotoverslag: 08/08/ + 09/08/2014
  • Wacken Open Air 2014 : reviews

    5. Aug. 2014, 11:03 von GothicBowie666

    Thu 31 Jul – Wacken Open Air 2014

    Wacken 2014 ligt nog maar net achter de rug maar hier is alvast het verslag van onze reporter die het volledige festival aanwezig was. Ronddolende artiesten, een Belgische winnaar of geslegen gensters. Je leest het allemaal in onderstaand verslag.

    Wacken Open Air in het kleine pittoreske stadje Wacken (Duitsland) was dit jaar aan zijn 25ste editie toe. Het festival was in een mum van tijd volledig uitverkocht en dit zonder dat er headliners waren bekendgemaakt. Meer nog, er was zelfs geen affiche samengesteld, op een paar namen na. We vroegen ons af, wat is er zo bijzonder aan dit festival? Waarom komen duizenden mensen elk jaar weer terug? De bands die er spelen, kan je namelijk ook zien op een evenement dicht in de buurt of bijvoorbeeld op onze eigen Graspop Metal Meeting.

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    Een stevige wandeling na een smakelijk ontbijt, het doet iets met een mens. Zeker als de zon fel schijnt op een zomerse ochtend. In het pittoreske dorpje zie je niets anders dan metalheads, met doorgaans zwarte T-shirts. Vooral deze van W.O.A 2014 zijn uitermate populair, aan de standjes stonden rijen mensen aan te schuiven voor zo’n kleinood. Maar we hadden het over het dorp. Daar doen de kleine zelfstandigen ook mee aan het hele Wacken gebeuren. Zo kon je bij de bakker lekkere pistolets met koffie kopen en die mensen deden daar echt gouden zaken, want ook daar stonden mensen tot buiten aan te schuiven.

    Doorheen dit alles blijft er een gemoedelijke sfeer heersen, want tenslotte zijn we allemaal eensgezind: We are Metalheads! Het verslag van dag 2 Wacken Open Air 2014:

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    De laatste festivaldag is doorgaans ook de zwaarste. De benen en voeten worden moe, de kater van de nacht ervoor weegt ook wat meer door. Maar toch, we gingen er nog eens voor! Al zagen we op deze derde dag van Wacken amper negen bands, beter dan niets zouden we zeggen? Bovendien willen we onze lezers nog deze leuke anekdote vertellen. Na een fikse wandeling kwamen we aan de hoofdingang, er stond enorm veel volk aan te schuiven om binnen te gaan.

    De security riep op om allemaal de hand, met het bandje, omhoog te steken maar dan in de rock-on vorm. Je weet wel, de wijsvinger en pink in de lucht! Zo ging iedereen naar binnen, zingende ''We Are The Metalheads''.Alweer een waar kippenvelmoment dat we niet vaak tegenkomen en nooit zullen vergeten. Het is tekenend hoe goed de sfeer toch is op dit festival in Duitsland. Maar goed, over naar de concerten van de dag, dat waren er zoals we reeds hebben vermeld iets minder dan de vorige dagen.

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  • Vlamrock - 26/07/2014 @snoozecontrol (met dank aan BMU- Belgium)

    4. Aug. 2014, 9:02 von GothicBowie666

    Sat 26 Jul – Vlamrock 2014

    Dit jaar, zoals veel van de voorgaande jaren, ging ik naar Vlamrock in As, en hier is een klein artikel over hoe ik dit jaar het festival heb beleeft.

    Laat ik beginnen met de melden dat ik niet ging in het kader van een pers uiteenzetting. Vandaar dat ik me ditmaal eerder beperk tot de groepen die ik daadwerkelijk wilde zien. Er zijn ook enkele bands waar ik alleen een paar nummers van zag, als gevolg van overlappingen, eten en socializing. Dus het feit dat ik niet praat over de Belgische bands From Cocktail to Fire, A Strength Within, XviciousX en Get Wise is omwille van die redenen.

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    lees het ook hier
  • 1996 - 5 picks from my personal collection

    24. Jul. 2014, 20:54 von Jim_Lithium

    [Part 13 of a series of posts where I look at a handful of favorites from my own record collection from the past 30 years. A version of desert island discs, if you will.]

    If anyone's been paying attention, the breaks between these blog posts have been getting longer and longer. I think I've been delving too deeply into this project and I'm going to try to cut back on any deeper analysis. Maybe I've also been writing a bit too much just for the sake of writing so let me start this one by making a promise to myself: I'll try to keep each album's part down to five sentences unless it's something I specifically feel gushing about. Don't want this time killer to turn into a chore.

    Butthole Surfers - Electriclarryland

    Independent Worm Saloon will always be the most important Butthole Surfers album for me but I can't deny Electriclarryland is the overall better one of the two. Not that I'm an expert, I only own three Surfers albums (so far) but that still doesn't take anything away from my opinion. The songwriting is more focused and granted, the album has much more mainstream appeal. Punk meets 90's alternative on acid. The song that personifies this album for me is "Jingle Of A Dog's Collar".

    Current 93 - All the Pretty Little Horses

    If you're not familiar with Current 93, this is hands down the album you should start with. A masterpiece of apocalyptic folk. And if you're expecting just a guy singing with acoustic accompaniment, All The Pretty Little Horses offers a lot more. This album is ripe with experimental sounds. Nick Cave guests on vocals for the last two tracks.

    The Divine Comedy - Casanova

    As I am a Scott Walker fan myself, I've been aware of Neil Hannon's the Divine Comedy for some time (being that he is an unabashed worshipper). Yet it was only late last year (2013) that I acquired most of the Divine Comedy discography in one fell swoop as they were on sale. Many a classic album in the bunch and Casanova is the first one of them to get the pick. It all starts with the one-two punch of "Something for the Weekend" and "Becoming More Like Alfie" and you're instantly hooked. Another favorite of mine, "In & Out of Paris & London" is a perfect example of Walker's influence on Neil's own vocal delivery and a great song just as well.

    Sepultura - Roots

    If you were around in 1996 and were at all into music, it was hard to avoid exposure to Sepultura. I remember the video for "Roots Bloody Roots" got a lot of plays on music TV shows - couple of my classmates in elementary school thought the chorus went "Blut, Kali, Blut". Clearly a departure from the band's earlier thrash sound, Roots features much more tribal elements and in retrospect, you could say it was signalling the impending arrival of nu metal. Some years back I would have said this was my favorite Sepultura album, now I'm not so sure anymore. Regardless, Roots is a pinnacle in Sepultura's career and deserves a spot on any list of great albums from 1996.

    Xysma - Lotto

    Xysma is a pioneering Finnish grindcore/death metal band with an interesting career arc. After their first couple albums, they would move towards a decidedly more rock-oriented sound and by the time of Lotto there were no signs of of their past as a death metal band to be heard. This album is modern rock from 1996, yet still it sounds timeless. If you've seen Brian De Palma's movie Snake Eyes starring Nicholas Cage, you may have heard the opening track "Shortest Route". However if I had to pick one song off this album, it would be "New Gel in Town".