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In the tradition of the German, British, Finnish and other Rock Leagues worldwide, one of greatest music countries enters the ring!

It used to make me so addicted,
I shopped around for all I found
I gate-crashed everywhere I found some, and even traded in my soul
I used to be predictable, I knew what came and in which order
I cheated, stole and killed for some, and even traded my heart

Last chance for a serenade, last chance for a welcome home
You know it's never gonna get any better

A 1000 years of reckless living, a serenade that came too late
I guess I must have tripped over, the very things that I held dear

Well it's not the end just yet, I'll take my chances that I'll be fine
No it's not the end just yet

---- Audrey Horne, "Last Chance For A Serenade"

First and Second Season's champion and winner of the First Super Cup: Emperor

Winner of the first Norwegian Rock Artist Cup: Windir

Winner of the second Norwegian Rock Artist Cup & Second Norwegian Super Cup: Burzum

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