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For us who make music and want to talk about what we make. Or music in general. Or to promote our music. Or just find new stuff to listen and get inspired by. Or find new people to make music with.

The Music Maker Society

"We are the music makers
and we are the dreamers of the dreams."

The purpose of this group is to allow people to find inspiration, promote ones music and find contacts, friends and collaborators.

Listen to The Music Maker Society Artist Radio! (opens up in the player)

An eclectic, diverse mix of music by independent artist. If you want your music in here, join us by following the steps listed below!

Featured artist

Nothing right now. Will be back soon...

The Forum

New Stuff - tell everyone about it
Remixing - want to remix or to be remixed?
Artist Pick Archives - all past articles of featured artists

Few things to do when you join The Music Maker Society


Please introduce yourself and your project(s) here. This will make this group worthwhile and you get new listeners. From now on, I wont be adding anyone to the artist connections, if the project hasn't been properly introduced. If you are so lazy that it's too much for you, then you can bugger off. A shout in the box doesn't count as proper introduction.


Tag your tracks and your artist name with the tag the music maker society. Now your tracks appear on the groups tag radio. The radio is finally working properly.


Contribute to tagging of other artists and they're songs. Tag them with whatever is appropriate and you can also tag them as the music maker society. They will get new listeners and they will be happier persons and gradually the world will be filled with happy music makers and world will be a better place. Not to mention that they may be so kind to tag your tracks and then you will be happier.

When you join, tag as many of your fellow artist as you can! Be a good person.

And if you don't want to be a good person, do it for yourself...


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Have fun!

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