iTunes is killing me. no, really

  • iTunes is killing me. no, really

    I'm american and have an american iTunes account. On the american iTunes, there are all of the living end's main albums (self titled, roll on, modern artillery, etc.) however, there is a serious lack of EPs, and extras like that. So i thought, maybe the australian iTunes has better selection... and guess what, it has 2 pages of the living end. I was overjoyed. it was like... a starving person seeing food. and then finding out that they cant get at the food because im not allowed to have an account on australian iTunes!!
    so that is why i am dying inside. if anyone has any rare songs, namely:

    resurection shuffle
    i cant give you what i havent got
    flood the sky
    blue moon of kentucky
    the man with no name
    there is no radio
    sunday bloody sunday
    mr. business man
    lone ranger
    i've just seen a face
    prisoner on the inside
    rising sun
    girls talk
    dont turn away
    Living in Sin
    train kept a-rollin
    listen up, suzy

    Please share them with a poor, deprived listener on the wrong continent

  • I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got is included on the Singles CD: From Here On In, and you can get that from their online store. :)

    A lot of those can be bought on certain singles too, if you're willing to do some eBay-age.

    Rising Sun is on the CD: Standing On The Outside (Songs of Cold Chisel) and Leilani is on the CD: Stonage Cameos.

    Listen Up Suzy is included on the White Noise single. :)


  • CIA and beware the moon are such awesome awesome awesome bsides

    ~Sink your teeth into the flesh of midnight, Night forever more, let them see it has begun, The others I’ve become~
  • yes, i admit its possible to get these songs, but they'll cost me about 5$ each with shipping and all...

  • PsychoRocka said:
    CIA and beware the moon are such awesome awesome awesome bsides

    Ohhhhhh man, YES.
    I agree with you 1000%.

    I hope we get some more. All the ones we've heard so far are FANTASTIC.


  • oh guess what. the album isnt coming out in USA.

    • UncleMin schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 11. Aug. 2008, 12:41
    This is a list of a B-sides of singles.

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