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If you are a fan of the '80s music, whether it was rock, pop, rap, heavy metal, rhythm and blues, or jazz, you are more than welcome to join us!

Hey all, feel free to check out some great ROCK from the band Leaving Neptune with the debut single "Last Song" which will be available NOW on and coming soon on MANY internet outlets! We are all about the '80s here! The artists from the '80s were a fantastic collection of diverse sounds from pop to jazz to 'old school' rap to rock! Only in the '80s could you look at a Billboard Top 40 countdown and find a country band, instrumentalist, rap group, pop artists, heavy metal, soundtrack music, and rock on the SAME chart! It simply does not happen anymore, and probably never will again. Yes, the '80s were indeed the best decade in music, at least in this group leader's opinion! So feel free to join if you are also a fan of the '80s. Post any new material you may have on '80s artists (PLEASE only relevant '80s material will be allowed in our journal) and their latest material, or if you would like to review albums from the '80s, that is also a welcome addition to our group.
-Brett 'The80sFan' (group leader)

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