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What is space music?

Defining 'space music' is nearly impossible because composers and engineers in many different genres of music have used this term to define their creations.

In its most recognized form, space music utilizes deep, floating synths and waves of alien chord progressions, which may be accompanied by echoing rhythmic textures or airy, choir-like synth tones. Vocals are rarely incorporated, but distant (often indistinct) voices can sometimes be heard.

Space music has expanded over the years, infiltrating and influencing many musical styles since its earliest incarnation. Elements of space music can be heard in new age, world, jazz, ambient, and electronic music, psychedelic rock, even videogame and movie soundtracks. It is considered by some to be a sub-genre of electronic ambient music.

Selecting criteria to categorize a piece as space music in this forum would be pointless. For some, it's about immersion in the space outside and inside of ourselves, while others ask the more literal question: Does it sound like outer space? In the end, space music is simply about imagination and exploration of extraordinary soundscapes.

Any interpretation of space music is welcome here. I am happy to add artists if you have suggestions, as long as their compositions retain the essential nature and spirit of space music.

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