• New music discoveries in 2014

    3. Dez. 2014, 17:37 von VladdaMeer

    That is, definitely, band from Russia Радость Моя and band MERCI LA NUIT. I was lucky, so I got limited edition vinyl of MERCI LA NUIT mini album titled Merci La Nuit. And who knows, maybe in the future I will have album of Радость Моя as well.

    I hope, in the future we all can hear more from this two excellent bands, refreshment of the artistic music scene. :)
  • Lights, Wires & Orgasm

    17. Feb. 2014, 12:38 von VladdaMeer

    Sun 16 Feb – MSHR @ Studio 11
    It was really amazing experience being there and witnessed that human body actually can produce art.
    I always knew that art is somewhere hidden in every person, and at 16th February anyone who had courage could actually hear the sound not only of artists/musicians MSHR who performed, but the sound of your own body as well.
    Two metal plates which I suppose every persona has in the kitchen was put and connected in the circle of several sound receivers and lights, so when two personas stand face to face in front of each other, touching can start, and impulses of the body are materialized in spectrum of dozens different sounds according to the type and strength of touch. But that was at the end of performance. Like after party, after we had opportunity to see (I would say) the sound of orgasm and other impulsive & light-breaking show in performance of the MSHR.
    When all had start I got impression that it is a sounds of digging in the mine, but actually it was digging in the mine of the body.
    I am grateful to the organizer who make it possible to see performance and have that kind of experience in my hometown.

    It was so inspiring that I wrote a poem titled the same as this journal. :)
  • When I die

    6. Jan. 2013, 20:21 von VladdaMeer

    When I die let all
    the superfluous smiles wed
    someplace on a timbered or tinny facade
    Let them plummet into the nebulous depths
    of blossomed tulip petals
    Into the melanoid blood of slaughtered flowers
    Let memories remain
    in traces of parched earth
    disintegrating in the sun
    while the wind blows away crumbs of the past
    When I die once
    in one day
    in monotonous steps
    with no recollection of shame
    and fly far away
    like a speckle of dust
    high up in the sky
    in the glacial aura
    of the final dusk of oblivion

    Written By Vladimir Milojković