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A group for all fans of 33 year-old colombian pop/rock singer Shakira. @ Twitter

Thanks to Cathyga for making this wonderful banner for our group!

Hello everyone!
shakraphix was so kind to hand this group over to me again. I previously owned this group for two years til the beginning of 2008. If you have any wishes/proposes for the group please let me know.

This group is for all fans of the Colombian singer Shakira who was very successful all over the world in the past eight years and has just released her 3rd english electro-pop influenced album "She Wolf".
A spanish album will follow in 2010 as well as another world tour.

Yeah! Over 1000 members! Thanks for everyone who joined recently and thanks to all long-time members!

Please read the following topics & give your opinions: Group Icon & Artist & Country Connections

When you post Shakira related journal entries, please consider submitting them to this group. :) Journals about related artists are fine, too, but the rest will be declined.

Fansites: - DE - DE

If you want your fansite to be linked here contact me via personal message or twitter .

Official websites: - EN/ES - DE

Last Update: Mar 29, 2010 (Added banner to description)

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