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A group for fans of Roger Dean's artwork

Roger Dean (born 31 August 1944)
an English artist, designer, architect, and publisher.
He is best known for his work on posters and album covers for musicians, which he began painting in the late 1960s.
The covers often feature exotic, fantasy landscapes.

His first album cover work was in 1968 for The Gun. In 1971, Roger Dean produced the artwork for Atomic Rooster's album In Hearing Of... This album cover hinted at the inimitable style for which he would later become famous. In the same year Roger Dean produced the cover for the first album by the African/Caribbean band Osibisa which featured a hybrid insect/elephant. This was much closer to Dean's work as we came to know it and it attracted widespread attention. Later that year, he began the partnership with the progressive rock band Yes for which he is best known. His first design for the band was for their album Fragile. Dean designed the now-classic Yes "bubble" logo, which first appeared on the album Close to the Edge, and continued to create covers for the band until as recently as 2011 (Fly From Here). Yes guitarist Steve Howe said, "There is a pretty tight bond between our sound and Roger's art." In addition to their album covers, Dean also contributed to his brother Martyn Dean's stage set designs for the band.

Known primarily for the dreamy, other-worldly scenes he has created for Yes, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Gentle Giant and other bands, Dean has said, "I don't really think of myself as a fantasy artist but as a landscape painter." Characteristic landscapes show graceful stone arches or floating islands, while many paintings show organic appearing habitats. Though he primarily works with watercolour paints, many of his paintings make use of multiple media, including gouache, ink, enamel, crayon and collage. In addition to his cover paintings, Dean is respected for his calligraphic work, designing logos and titles to go with his paintings.

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